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According to this Small Business Trends  article, 77.6% of small businesses reported using social media to promote their businesses. So, if you’re not part of that number then it’s time for your business to work on a digital marketing strategy. 

And, for those who have already made the jump, how is your current strategy working? Have you been able to find the right mix of platforms for your brand? As some media platforms become saturated, it is important to stay on top of the latest trends and remain prepared to shift with your audience. With the digital landscape changing at such a rapid pace, it is important to have a savy strategy that stays responsive to the culture and continues to support your brand's objectives.

Social media is not going anywhere anytime soon, and it should be an integral component of your digital marketing strategy. But, don't just take my word for it. Check out these articles below and see why you need up your social media game.

Social Media

in 2020

10 Social

Media Insights

Small Business


23 benefits of

Social Media

Digital Marketing


  • Digital Marketing Consulting: Have you been working on your social media strategy but, are not seeing any ROI? Are you wondering what you can do to take your strategy to the next level? I am here to help, by auditing your current strategy and identifying areas for improvement. I also offer customized consulting plans, for ongoing real time feedback.

  • Social Media Strategy & Management: A solid social media strategy requires much more energy than most people realize. From staying on top of social trends, algorithm changes, branded graphics, storytelling, and much more - it is a full time job. I'd love to help you lighten your load by managing your social strategy, so you can focus on your business. Don't try to do it all, that's the fastest way to fall.

  • Content Creation: Your social media success, depends on the content you are creating and putting out to the world. And, in this world, authentic content wins. Meaning... your own photography, custom graphics, custom copy, etc. With a wide variety of creative talents, I would love to chat about your needs and what I can provide. From soul-filled lifestyle photography, creative product shots, customized graphics, and insightful copy - I am here to help you succeed within the social media landscape and beyond.

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