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If you have the capacity to 

be more than one thing,

do everything that is

inside you.


My name is Perri Runion.

I am a multi-passionate freelance creative + mindful marketing and branding consultant. In short... I help entrepreneurs and brands create value, convey value, and/ or increase their value.


Whether you are a entrepreneur in need of branding, a coffee shop in need of creative content, a yoga teacher in need of a website, or a business owner in need of a breakthrough - I want to see you thrive.

If you are ready to level up, how can I help you rise? 

Learn more about me.

You can do things that I can't.

I can do things that you can't.

Together, we can do great things.


Private Programs


x  Learn the basics of any Adobe Creative Suite Program

** (Illustrator, Photoshop, In-Design, and/ or Lightroom)


x  Learn the basics of graphic design

x  Break through the noise, and find your creative voice.

x  Learn the basics of Photography.


x  Video presence / speaking


Have  you been stuck in a rut? Have you been wanting to  take your business to the next level but, feel something is holding you back? 

In this mentorship, I provide the tools necessary and accountability needed to help you break though those mental barriers that block many entrepreneurs from reaching their full potential. 

The matters of the mind matter. Let me help you quiet the chatter, by providing valuable insight and motivation. 

Creative Services:


Perri was incredible from the start. At the beginning of the project, she thoroughly understood what I was looking for and created my firm's branding with exceptional quality and attention to detail. We worked together for a few months and she was incredibly responsive and timely the entire time. Perri has a wonderful balance of warm yet professional energy that I really appreciated and gravitated towards. Most importantly, Perri goes above and beyond to deliver a quality product that we were both proud of. I'd highly recommend Perri to anyone (I already have!) and would absolutely work with her again in the future to tap into her other creative talents.


Thank you, Perri! You've elevated my company and my confidence! <3  

—  Lauren Baptiste, Acheloa Wellness CEO


Lets Collaborate.

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